Principal Officers and Chiefs of Mission


On behalf of everyone at the Department of Beer and Wine, we would like to welcome you to our blog!  On a semi-regular basis we will posting on here personal experiences we have tasting new products, reviews and reactions to products we sell, stories of our travels to production facilities and farms, recipes, pairing ideas, and quite possibly everything in between.  Think of this as a fun way to get to know a little bit more about the artisanal/craft industries, and our journey working to become one of the best beverage and gourmet shops around.

So let’s get right to the progress we have made towards opening our doors. The Department's Principal Officers and Chiefs of our mission have been appointed and consist of the following ardent individuals who have worked incredibly well together in the past.  Chief Ambassador - Norm Yow, Chief of Staff - Stevie Treichel, Chief Strategist - Jeff Sapsford, and Senior Advisor - Melissa Sapsford have sworn an oath to provide the DC metro with top quality customer service and an unbeatable selection.  The Current Administration Bio’s can be found here.

The Department of Beer and Wine is also getting closer to breaking ground and beginning the store's build-out.  We are thrilled to be working with good friends on the store's design.  Architect John Southern of Urban Operations, a Los Angeles based architecture firm, has designed an impressive space that reinterprets bulky retail shelving and equipment by turning them into sculptural pieces.  Utilizing the height of our ceilings and the abundance of light we have from our large windows, John has created a brilliant interior that feels comfortable, unpretentious, and classy all at once.  Customers can expect to be impressed by the abundance and quality of our inventory, while not feeling overwhelmed (a common feeling in big-box stores).  With ease customers will quickly learn how to navigate the the store’s layout, while maintaining a clear line of sight and path to staff at the front.

Although we cannot yet begin tasting product at the store, we have been doing a little research at home.  Super Bowl Sunday was more of a Super Jam and Chocolate Sunday as we made our way through some freaking awesome samples.  Some friends, or should we say a “focus group”, left super full and super happy.  Speaking for everyone, I have to say DBW will have a pretty special gourmet goods section.  Whether you are looking for a small gift, a hostess gift, or just a fun snack to pair with your favorite beer on a Tuesday night, you will have some awesome choices.  Can’t wait for the rest of you to try some as well!

Keep up with our progress through our social media pages, it’s all going to start to happen fast.  Cheers!