Current Administration:

Mr. Jeffrey Sapsford - Chief Strategist
Owner - Department of Beer and Wine
Term of Appointment: 2017 - Present

A former Adjunct Art Professor at George Mason University and professional florist who has worked on large events for the Department of State, Kennedy Center, and the Washington Nationals,  Jeff’s love of beer and wine led him to the beverage industry and flourished while working alongside Norm Yow at Norm’s Beer and Wine in Vienna, VA.  After relocating to Los Angeles, he found a new home helping to start the highly respected and successful Sunset Beer Company in the Echo Park neighborhood.  There he learned the importance of community and plans to build on that experience with the Department of Beer and Wine.  Along with performing day to day operations, as Chief Strategist Jeff’s mission is to develop corporate accounts, meet with city officials to form neighborhood outreach programs, and create opportunities for other community engagement.

Interests: Family, Hockey, Art, Wine, Beer, Cider, struggling Washington DC sports teams, Baggies.  
Beverage of Choice: Wine in any style, IPAs for fun, a Radler to start the day, and the older I get the more I’d like you to lager me.
Quote: "Stop thinking; It's Gamay, and it's delicious."

Mr. Stevie Treichel - Chief of Staff
Owner - Department of Beer and Wine
Term of Appointment: 2017 - Present

No stranger to the stage, Stevie has spent the better part of his life writing and performing music all over the world.  After years of working in the pro audio field, Stevie found a new passion when he joined the Norm’s Beer and Wine crew in 2011. Working alongside Norm, he has been cultivating an extensive knowledge of craft beer and a palate for wines from all regions.  Stevie also worked alongside Jeff at Sunset Beer Co. in Los Angeles developing the beer and wine program and helping to foster the incredible sense of community that sprang up within its walls.  As Chief of Staff, Stevie will continue to build a friendly, knowledgeable, and comfortable environment for customers to fulfill their beer and wine needs.

Interests: Beer, wine, drumming, vinyl, Ovie & Holtbeast, Natitude, come on you Gunners, Riggo, brunch, dinner, and long walks on the beach. 
Beverage of Choice: Pinot Noir. West Coast or Burgundy will do. Hoppy, or Tart and Funky. Ginger beer. 
Quote: "Eh... Hosehead, once you get there you can have all the free beer and sausages you want."

Mrs. Melissa Sapsford - Senior Advisor
Term of Appointment: 2017 - Present

While Melissa has a background in the food industry and in retail environments, she has spent the last 17 years working in museums helping to organize large-scale and high-value exhibitions all over the world. As Senior Advisor to the Department of Beer and Wine, Melissa’s focus will be on helping to facilitate community engagement, populating the artisanal food/gourmet section, and organizing events such as beer and wine tastings, food tastings, etc.  Her voracity for food and wine and for a true communal environment will be integral in helping to develop the Department of Beer and Wine as not only a  beverage destination, but also an intrinsic neighborhood locale.

Interests: Family, art, stalking new restaurants/purveyors, reading, and hitting refresh on Instagram
Beverage of Choice: If it’s wine, I want it from the CA central coast. If it’s beer, I want it SOUR.
Quote: “You don’t spell it, son, you eat it.”

Mr. Norman Yow - Chief Ambassador
Owner - Department of Beer and Wine
Owner - Norm’s Beer and Wine
Term of Appointment: 2017 - Present

The co-creator and owner with wife Leila S. Yow of Norm’s Beer and Wine of Vienna, VA, Norm’s is regarded as one of the first in the Washington DC metro area to support craft beer and give the industry a home for beer lovers to flock to.  Norm’s is a destination not just for locals, but a must-see for the great number of craft beer fans traveling to DC for work or leisure. As Chief Ambassador for the Department of Beer and Wine, Norm is dedicated to the creation and development of our mission to foster community amongst beer and wine enthusiasts across the DMV.  

Interests: Morning runs and watching football
Beverage of Choice: IPA's and California Syrah